Impact of COVID-19 for Port of Antwerp still unclear

The extent of the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the Port of Antwerp won’t become really clear until next week. Speaking on VRT Radio 2 Antwerp’s ‘Start je dag’ the Antwerp Port Company’s Gert Ickx said that although fewer ships have arrived at the port from since January it is quite possible that they were carrying more containers than is usually the case. 

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and this is already having an impact on shipping.

"According to organisation that monitors container shipping traffic Aphaliner, total trans-shipment from Chinese ports fell by more than 20% over the past few weeks”, Mr Ickx said.  

"Whether this fall will persist now there is COVID-19 in Italy is difficult to judge. Everything depends on how long the crisis lasts and whether the economy in Italy will be brought to a standstill”.


It is possible that there will be less goods to buy in the shops. A wide range of goods will be impacted "Everything with a “Made in China” stickers and also spare parts that are used in Europe for electronic devises”, Mr Ickx explained.  

The port spokesman said that the Port Company is in close contact with the Health Department and that the impact of COVID-19 for the Port of Antwerp will depend on the length and the extent of the crisis. 

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