Manchester United fans’ open letter criticises policing of Europa League game in Bruges

A Manchester United supporter group has written an open letter to the Mayor of the West Flemish city of Bruges Dirk De Fauw (Christian democrat) in which it blasts the “deplorable treatment” United fans received in Bruges. The letter describes the fans’ trip to see united take on Club Brugge as “the worst experience of a European away game they’d had for many years”.

The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust’s (MUST) letter to Bruges Mayor Dirk De Fauw goes on to say that “Fans were in genuine fear for their safety.

“We returned home with an impression of Bruges that should shame all those responsible for our safety and security.

“We have numerous reports that the police instructed taxi drivers to stay away from the ground and not to pick up Manchester United fans. It was a long walk in horrendous weather conditions from the town to the stadium.”

The group also questioned the local police’s use of water cannons and barbed wire barriers, while also complaining of the alleged refusal to allow supporters to exit the stadium.

“We would be embarrassed if visitors to Manchester were treated as described above – are you not ashamed of the way visitors to your city were treated?

“Poor treatment is one issue but the safety concerns go far beyond that and we will be sending a report to UEFA outlining the issues our supporters have sent to us.”

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