Holiday from hell: quarantined holidaymakers daunted by their experience

118 Belgian tourists remain in lockdown at a hotel in Tenerife (Spain) after one of the guests came down with coronavirus.  They are among a thousand guests at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace that are not being allowed to leave the hotel.

Flemish holidaymaker Carine Van Poucke says people with a cough at the hotel underwent a medical check-up last night.

“It was impressive.  It was a completely different medical team to the first time.  They were wearing special suits that encapsulated them from head to toe.  When they left a room where they had examined somebody they put on a different suit.  They also told guests not to touch them”.

All tourists have now been given a thermometer and instructions to report their temperature.  Carine Van Poucke fears she will be stuck in the hotel for a while: “It doesn’t look like the medical team has plans to leave soon.  Mobile loos have appeared for them outside.  The government in consultation with the medical authorities will have the final say.”

Fewer staff have appeared in the hotel too.  Yesterday’s shift didn’t reappear this morning. Carine Van Poucke: “The bar and restaurant are closed.  Cleaners handed out fresh towels and toiletries.  We appreciate they can’t clean all the rooms”.

Some guests are not impressed after the evening meal was cancelled and they received a sandwich.  Holidaymaker Ann Van Cauwenberghe says she was handed a face mask but when she left her room she was told to return.  “It’s not really clear what’s happening” she told VRT News.

Holidaymakers, who have returned from the hotel, are getting an email asking them to follow WHO advice and to consult the health ministry.  If they display symptoms, they should consult their GP.

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