“What do we do when a worker comes down with corona?”

The Flemish employers’ organisation Voka is calling on the government to take greater action to inform business in connection with the coronavirus outbreak.  Voka’s Hans Maertens says his organisation is receiving more and more requests for information now that the virus has appeared in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria with which Flemish companies often trade.

“What should we do when an employee is infected?  What do we do when a quarantine threatens to paralyse our business?  Who should be informed about an infection?”  These are just a handful of the questions that are being asked.  The business community is pressing for an information line to inform and advise business and provide guidance when problems emerge.

Belgian health minister Maggie De Block of the pro-business Open VLD party points to the www.info-coronavirus.be website that offers all information: “Businesses will be consulted when corona arrives on our shores” says Ms De Block “but for the minute that isn’t the case.”

Voka also backs proposals for a corona taskforce grouping the authorities, business organisations and others to discuss measures needed for business.

Hans Maertens: “We must prepare a taskforce.  The coronavirus threatens to have a greater economic impact than we expect. Our experiences with the Brexit taskforce were marvellous”.

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