Breakthrough in ultrathin solar panels thanks to Limburg researchers

Researchers at Hasselt University have developed what are being described as “ultrathin and pliable” solar panels.  The new solar panels are cheaper and perhaps more importantly more energy efficient.


Prof Bart Vermang says the new solar panels are 25% more energy efficient and are easier to integrate into buildings and roofs.

Hasselt University is part of an international consortium that has managed to achieve record energy generation using ultrathin solar cells.

“For the first time we have realised energy efficiency of 25%.  That’s the same rate as is generated using a conventional solar cell, but the upper level for our thin film solar cells has not yet been reached.”

“To achieve this record efficiency we placed two different types of thin film material side by side.  A conventional solar cell usually consists of one layer usually made of silicon.  We are employing two different materials that reinforce each other.”

Prof Vermang believes that the ultrathin solar panels can easily compete with existing production.

“Our solar panels can be produced in all sizes and all colours that can easily be integrated into your building or roof.”

Less material is needed to produce the ultrathin variant and that will also make them cheaper!


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