Nordic ski fun in Belgium’s High Fens

It hasn’t been a year for snow, but for the first time this winter pistes for Alpine and Nordic skiing are open in the High Fens, a pocket of Upper Belgium tucked up against the German border.

On Wednesday morning only one Nordic skiing piste was open and skiers had to brave heavy snowfall on access roads to get to it, but once there all the worries of the world dropped away. Fortunately more Nordic skiing pistes should open as early as today.

Ski fun can never be guaranteed in Belgium and global warming probably isn’t helping, but with a blanket of snow 25 cm deep in the High Fens Flemings are heading out east to get their Nordic kicks.

Access to the ski pistes is problematic.  Heavy snowfall has closed many roads.  Most pistes should now be accessible. Even today some pistes will remain closed, so it is best to check online beforehand to prevent any disappointment.  When there is snow Belgium offers a wide variety of snow fun: Nordic and Alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowblading and even sledding.  Some piste proprietors will only decide at the last minute whether they will open tomorrow or not.



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