Woman dies after bottle of red wine is adulterated

Mechelen prosecutors have launched an appeal for bottles of red wine after a woman from Puurs died after she had taken a sip from a suspect bottle.  Inspection of the bottle revealed that drugs had been added.  Prosecutors are now appealing to the general public to help identify the source of the red.

A 41-year-old woman died in a Sint-Niklaas hospital after being brought into the A&E five days earlier.  The death was suspicious and detectives launched an investigation.  Tests revealed that the woman had a fatal level of the drugs MDMA and MDA in her blood.  The investigation was unable to find any evidence the woman was a drug user.

It transpired that the day before her hospitalisation the woman had taken a sip of red and had proceeded to throw away the entire content of the bottle because it had a “nasty taste”.  Shortly afterwards the woman became poorly and lost consciousness.

The bottle was a "RED Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016" of the Black & Bianco brand. The original has a black cork, but the woman’s bottle displayed a brown one.  Detectives believe the wine had been adulterated and that drugs were added.

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