After Ciara and Dennis it’s the turn of Storm Jorge

Another weekend, another storm. After Ciara two weeks ago and Dennis last weekend it is the turn of the Storm Jorge to bring high winds and rain to our region. The storm has been given a Spanish name as Spain was the first country to issue a Code Orange weather warning about it. Jorge will be the fourth storm in as many weeks.   

Although it is difficult to say in advance it seems likely that the storm will be less intense than in previous weeks.

The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere says that wind speeds of up to 80 km/h can’t be ruled out in inland areas and that there could be winds of up to 95 km/h in coastal areas.

As yet no colour-coded weather warning has been issued. However, the authorities in Brussels have said that the roads through the Ter Kamerenbos Park will be closed the whole weekend.    

Frank Deboosere told VRT News that "Rain will sweep across the country from East to West on Saturday. The rain will be accompanied by gusts of wind. Temperatures will remain mild at up to 12°C. On Sunday we expect showers of heavy rain. Temperatures will reach around 9°C. On Monday and Tuesday the weather will be changeable with showers and clear spells”.    

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