Flemish schools to reopen as normal on Monday after the half term break

Flemish schools will be open for business as usual on Monday after this week’s half-term holidays. At a meeting held on Thursday it was decided that that as things stand there is no cause for concern about the COVID-19 virus being spread by children attended school. At the meeting were representatives of the Flemish Education Department, the Care and Health Agency (AZG) and the Flemish Crisis Centre (CCVO).  

The Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) told VRT News that “The basic rule still applies. As long as a person is not showing any symptoms, even if they have visited a high risk area, that person will be able to go to work or school as normal”.   

Only if a person displays symptoms, must he or she stay at home and contact their doctor. The doctor will follow the correct procedure.

Any schools that might be closed due to COVIT-19 will only be closed on the advice of the Care and Health Agency.

In the meantime schools will be made aware of the procedures to be followed.

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