First Belgians return home from Tenerife COVID-19 quarantine hotel

Ten Belgians that were among a group of over one hundred of our compatriots that had been held in quarantine at a hotel on the holiday island of Tenerife arrived at Zaventem airport near Brussels on Friday afternoon. They and the other Belgians still at the hotel were placed in quarantine after four other guests (all Italians) were found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus. As things stand the other 100 Belgians will remain in quarantine at the Tenerife hotel until 9 March.   

On Thursday evening 15 Belgians that were being held in quarantine at the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife were told that they could leave. All 15 only arrived in Tenerife on Monday and had not had any contact with the Italians that were infected with the COVID-19 virus.

10 of them that are customers of the tour operator TUI arrived at Zaventem airport, near Brussels at 3:30pm on Friday. The media had not be told of their arrival until they had left the airport. The other 5 Belgians are still in Tenerife. The Foreign Ministry is consulting them to see if they want to end their holiday early.

The tour operator TUI’s spokesman Piet Demeyere told VRT News that "We tried are best to get these people back from Tenerife. They have left Tenerife via the backdoor and are now back home in Belgium where they are now recovering from the past week’s events”.  

Aaron Bronckaers from Gingelom in Limburg Province, his girlfriend Imke and their 5-month-old son Aster were among those that returned on Friday afternoon. Just before leaving Tenerife he told VRT News "At 8am this morning they brought ten of us from the hotel to the airport. Everyone is relieved that we are able to leave”.

"TUI has done everything to look after us, but above all we are happy that it is over even though are holiday is over earlier than planned”. 

Home quarantine won’t be necessary

The Flemish tourists that have returned from Tenerife will be given follow-up care by the Care and Health Agency.

The Agency’s Joris Moonens told VRT "They won’t have to stay in quarantine at home and will be able to get on with their lives again. We will call them to give them the necessary information. And they can see for themselves whether they get symptoms”.

"People that return later and had had contact with infected people will be followed up more closely and we will call them every three days”.

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