Flemish bus driver stabbed by youths just over the border in The Netherlands

A bus driver that works for the Flemish public transport company De Lijn has been stabbed by a gang of youths that ran amok on his bus just over the border in the Dutch municipality of Hulst (Zeeland). News of the incident that happened on Friday evening appears in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. 

At around 6pm on Friday a gang of youths got onto the bus that was heading back from Hulst to East Flanders at a stop in the Zandstraat. The youths first provoked other passengers before starting to bang on the windows of the bus. The driver intervened, asking them to leave the bus. One of the youths refused a threatened the driver with a knife that he had with him in his pocket.

He finally did get off bus, but as he continued to cause trouble and bang on the windows of the bus the driver is reported to have filmed him with his mobile phone. The youth then got back on the bus and attacked the driver with the knife. The driver sustained cuts to his chest.

The emergency services attended the scene and the driver was taken to hospital. Based on the video footage that was shot the police are already on the trail of a suspect.

De Lijn’s Karen Van der Sype told the paper that the driver’s condition is not life threatening. She added that she could not confirm whether the driver had filmed the youths with his smart phone. However, the bus on which the incident occurred is equipped with CCTV and the footage has been passed on to the Dutch police.  

Ms Van der Sype added that everyone at De Lijn is shocked by Friday evening’s incident.

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