Spanish tourist and Luxembourg man that flew into Charleroi Airport infected with COVID-19

According to an initial test a man from Luxemburg that travel via Belgium on his way home from Italy is infected with the COVID-19 virus. The man took a plane from Italy to Charleroi (also known as Brussels South) airport in Hainaut Province. The airport is now trying to ascertain who the man came into contact with so that they can be tested for COVID-19 infection. A second test that will be analysed out at a hospital in the Dutch city of Rotterdam today (Sunday) will bring certainty as to whether or not the man is infected. The man was voluntarily tested. He is reported to currently not to be seriously ill.     

Charleroi airport has implemented phase three of its”epidemiological health plan”. Currently an investigation is ongoing to locate all those that the man came into close contact with. The airport is also in contact with the authorities in Luxembourg to “quickly map the route taken by and the possible contacts made by the passenger in question”.  

The man and his family have been put into isolation at a hospital in Luxembourg. The man’s close family have displayed no symptoms of COVID-19 infection thus far. Other family members have been placed in quarantine as a precautionary measure.  

The airport has also opened a crisis centre and has convened a vigilance commission.   The commission will find out where the man has been in the airport in order to “define areas that might have been infected and to treat them”. Airport staff and passengers using the airport will be kept informed about the situation.  

Spanish tourist also infected

A Spanish tourist that visited Belgium in recent days has also been found to be infected with COVID-19 according the results of an initial test. A second test will confirm whether the woman, who is from the Basque city of Pamplona, is infected with the virus.

The woman is reported to have spent 5 days in Belgium and returned to Spain on Friday. The woman is now in hospital and is reported to have become seriously ill very quickly. 

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