103 lorries seized at Zeebrugge and Pittem

Police, prosecutors and social inspectors seized over one hundred lorries near the port of Zeebrugge and in Pittem (West Flanders) in recent weeks.  The owners are suspected of social fraud and of ignoring rules on Belgian pay.

14 lorries belong to a Lithuanian company active in the port of Zeebrugge.  They were seized on 23 February.  During a second operation 89 Polish and Romanian trucks were impounded.  The owners are suspected of social dumping practices.

Labour magistrate Filiep De Ketelaere: “This is probably a classic case of social dumping.  Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian drivers are brought to Belgium to work.  They spend the night at Zeebrugge, but most of their trips are within Belgium. They are registered in their home country and do not receive Belgian wages.  In practise it means the employers are employing three drivers for the price of one Belgian driver.  This is unfair competition.”

“As they usually sleep in their cabin we have agreed with their employer that the drivers will return to Poland, Romania or Lithuania.”

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