Jonas Hamers / ImageGlobe

“Non-urgent” mail only delivered twice a week

Belgium’s semi-publicly-owned post office Bpost has announced it will only be delivering letters with a prior stamp every day of the working week.  Other letters, described as “non-urgent” and sent by people who do not wish to cough up the 5 eurocent supplement guaranteeing next working day delivery, will only be delivered twice a week.

Postal workers will henceforth make two weekly rounds with non-urgent letters: one at the beginning and a second towards the end of the working week to deliver your non-urgent letters.

The measure will also affect the delivery of supermarket leaflets that will only be delivered twice a week too.

Bpost argues that it’s having to change its working practices because so few people are sending letters.  Spokeswoman Barbara Van Speybroeck: “This is the reason why we will be grouping non-urgent letters in two weekly rounds.”

Posties will still make their daily rounds, but only to deliver letters sent with a prior stamp, parcels and newspapers.

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