COVID-19 patient diagnosed in Brussels

A third person has come down with COVID-19 in Belgium. The patient hails from Brussels and is fresh back from Milan in Italy.  The patient is being quarantined at home.

The patients first underwent tests at the Sint-Jans Hospital in downtown Brussels with follow up provided by the Sint-Pieters Hospital, a reference centre for treatment of the disease.

The patient is displaying symptoms of the disease but is in good overall health. The patient’s contacts are now being traced.

Flemish health minister Wouter Beke says that more infections are expected: “We are working day and night testing people.”

Flanders is investing in prevention: “We are trying to inform people as widely as possible to prevent infections.”

Advise includes: regular hand-washing, coughing into a tissue and throwing it away or into the crook of your elbow, using a tissue, staying at home if you are ill, not to shake hands and to avoid contacts when you are ill.

Wouter Beke: “Our second role is to screen people who have been in contact with a patient, e.g. friends and family.  We’re trying to map this out.”

Fortunately, some people are retaining their sense of humour under these challenging circumstances.  In a cartoon the Francophone satirist Kroll pictures the Belgian health minister Maggie De Block.  Confronted with the third case of COVID-19 in Belgium she says: “No reason to panic.  For three cases, at the minute we have six health ministers in Belgium.”

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