“Brussels hotel sector has already lost 10 million euros”

The Brussels hotel sector is reporting more and more cancellations.   Other bookings are simply not being made amid concern about COVID-19.  Most of the lost bookings are linked to business clients.

The hotel sector is so worried about the impact of COVID-19 that it is asking the government for financial support.

Tourists don’t seem to be too bothered.  It’s above all businesspeople who are cancelling, but that is bad news for Brussels hoteliers that are dependent to the tune of 60% on the business traveller.

Yves Fonck, president of the Brussels hotel federation says the cancellations have already triggered losses of ten million euros: “And that is the tip of the iceberg!”

“Around half of all reservations are only cancelled ten days ahead of the stay.”

This means that at the end of the day the figure for cancellations could be exponentially higher.  The sector hopes it can count on government support similar to that afforded following the Brussels terrorist attacks in 2016.

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