COVID-19 case at Tienen school: “We don’t want to unchain mass hysteria” says head

One of Tuesday’s five new COVID-19 cases concerns a pupil in his final year at the athenaeum school in Tienen (Flemish Brabant). 

It was a teacher who recognised the symptoms of COVID-19 and sent the lad to the local A&E.  The boy is now ill at home.  Like all other new COVID-19 cases he had just returned from Italy.  Three other youngsters, who were on the same skiing trip, are being tested too. Two of the three attend the same school.

Kaat Vandensavel, who heads the school group to which the athenaeum belongs, is refusing to panic.  The school isn’t closing.  She claims the situation at the minute is “not serious”: “This is a school with 900 pupils.  One person has tested positive.  He hasn’t been placed in quarantine, but is off sick at home. We don’t want to unchain mass hysteria.”

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