Flemish ombudsman sorts 16,000 complaints

The Flemish ombudsman has issued his annual report.  The official Flemish ombudsman’s service notes a big jump in complaints about cancelled services of the Flemish local transport company De Lijn.  Big increases in the rent of social housing are another frequent gripe.  Last year the Flemish ombudsman managed to sort many more complaints than in 2018.

Over 72,000 complaints flooded in about De Lijn services: punctuality, service and fares all featured among the complaints.  ‘Cancelled service’ is now the top gripe.

Fines for fare-dodgers on De Lijn services are down from over 53,000 in 2018 to just over 35,000 last year. The decrease is mainly due to inspectors having to cover other duties.

Each week between 100 and 250 complaints were filed in connection to big increases in the rent of social housing.  In all some 30,000 families are hit. The ombudsman calls for tenants to be able to appeal against evaluations of the market rent value of a property: not possible at the minute.

Last year the Flemish ombudsman sorted 16,055 complaints.  The ambition is to sort 100,000 complaints in five years.

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