Foto: Van de Velde NV

East Flemish firm to produce official Olympic team bra

The Van de Velde lingerie factory in Schellebelle (East Flanders) is busy with the production of the official bra for the Belgian Olympic Team. Our country’s female athletes will wear the bra under their t-shirts or leotards while competing in this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

Van de Velde’s Vanessa De Vuyste told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that workers at the factory are working flat out to get the order ready for the deadline on 17 March. In just under two weeks’ time the bra will be shown off to the general public for the first time.  

A lot of research went into developing the bra and it was been tested by women practicing various sports. This is to ensure that the bra is suited to all the sports practiced by the female members of the Belgian Olympic Team.

The bra is light pink in colour and will be decoratored with a small Belgian tricolour and the word “Belgium”.

All the athletes’ measurements have been taken so all the bras should be a perfect fit.

A total of 95 Belgian athletes will be given a set of 2 made-to-measure bras with knickers to match.  

The underwear will receive its first public outing during at a fashion show at which the whole of the Belgian team’s attire for the forthcoming Olympics will be shown. 

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