Jambon invites Turkish Ambassador for talks

The Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (nationalist) has invited the Turkish Ambassador to Belgium for talks about the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement that migrants and refugees will no long be prevented from leaving Turkey for Europe. The announcement has led to tense scenes along Turkey's land border with Greece. Mr Jambon has also called on Belgium’s federal police and migration services to offer assistance to their colleagues in Greece.   

In a reply to a question put to him by the Flemish MP Chris Janssens of the far-right Vlaams Belang, Mr Jambon said “Our border is in Greece”.

Last week Turkey announced that it would no longer stand in the way of migrants and refugees that are trying to cross into the EU.  Since then there has been heightened tension on the Turkish-Greek border.

Mr Janssens asked Mr Jambon to call the Turkish Ambassador to book about what he described as “Turkish blackmail”.

In his response Mr Jambon said that an invitation had already been sent to the Ambassador. He also called on the federal authorities to offer assistance to Greece to help the country with the issues it faces on its border with Turkey.

"Our border is in Greece. We are part of the European Union and the EU’s border is in Greece. We should also take our responsibility there. This afternoon there is a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers. I call on the Federal authorities that we lend a hand through our migration and police services”.   

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