More than 6 million extra trees and more charging stations for electric vehicles

The Flemish Interior Affairs Minister Bar Somers (liberal) has launched his own climate plan for Flemish local authorities. The dailies ‘De Morgen’’ and ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ report that Mr Somers’ plan is somewhat more ambitious than the Flemish Climate Plan announced by the Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) and her colleagues in the Flemish Government in December of last year.  

While Ms Demir’s plan provides for a reduction in CO2 emissions of 32.6%, Mr Somers’ envisages as reduction in carbon emissions of 40%. This would be achieved through the combined efforts of the regional, provincial and municipal authorities.

Mr Somers promises local authorities cash from the Flemish Government’s Climate Fund and has earmarked 1 million euro to organise climate consultations at a local level. Mr Somers also proposes planting 1 tree and half a metre of hedge per Fleming and provided one charging station for electric vehicle per 200 people in our region.

Mr Somers called Ms Demir’s plan to increase the number of charging stations from 3,000 to 8,500 as “very modest”. He intends to go for the provision of four times more charging stations than is provided for in his ministerial colleague’s plan.

When asked if he wasn’t stepping on his colleagues toes by launching his own climate plan, Mr Somers replied "The Flemish Climate Plan states local authorities should do their bit for the climate. All that I am doing is coming up with concrete measures.

Mr Somers also stresses that his plan came about in consultation with Ms Demir. He added that he and his colleague work well together.

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