50 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Belgium

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country has more than doubled overnight.  Official figures show a surge of 27 new cases in only a day’s time.

Belgium’s leading virologist Marc Van Ranst stresses that at the minute there is no need for excessive measures, but he voiced concern about a shortage of mouth masks for doctors and nursing staff as well as testing materials.

Flanders is Belgium’s COVID-19 blackspot with 16 new cases.  There are two new cases in Brussels and 9 new cases in Wallonia.  Most patients are fresh back from holidays in Italy. All patients are being isolated.

The health ministry is urging people who recently returned from northern Italy to be especially cautious.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst speaks of a worrying situation with regard to capacity.  More and more tests need to be carried out and it is getting harder to source the necessary chemical products. Mouth masks, crucial for doctors and nursing staff, are getting scarcer.


A hundred Belgians, who were staying at a hotel in Tenerife (Spain) affected by the outbreak and were quarantined, land at Ostend Airport tonight.

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