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Family of eight tests positive for coronavirus

In Wevelgem (West Flanders) eight people from one and the same family have tested positive for the coronavirus. All eight have been placed in quarantine at home.  The family had just returned from a skiing trip to Italy and are displaying mild symptoms.

The Wevelgemers didn’t get immediately tested on their return.  It was there wish, but the authorities said it wasn’t necessary because they hadn’t been to a risk area.  Now they have all tested positive.

One of the eight is a primary school teacher, who taught school in recent days.  The pupils’ parents have been informed. The school is not being closed.  The Mayor of Wevelgem says: “The most important thing is that the parents are very alert and immediately contact their GP if they notice anything.  In such cases they should not send their child to school”.

The family of eight will now quarantine themselves for two weeks.  The Care and Health Agency is trying to map out their contacts.

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