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Foam rises from Ghent sewers and loos

In these exacting times the good people of Ghent faced another unusual challenge on Wednesday evening when foam appeared out of road drains and loos and washstands in the Amerikalaan.  The bizarre phenomenon was blamed on a local soap processing firm that experienced a leak.  The Ghent fire service was called in to sort the problem. 

Hundreds of litres of foam ended up in the sewerage system.  Three homes were particularly badly affected.

“I had imagined my evening quite differently” says local resident Freddy. “I had to remove five barrels of foam from my loo and boiler area.  I had just finished by bike training and was looking forward to a hot shower”.

A local resident noticed the foam coming up from the sewers in the early afternoon and alerted the soap plant.  They were not aware of any problems.  It was only later that evening when the entire avenue was covered in foam that the fire service deployed.

Fire-fighters used an anti-foam product and the company sent over two vacuum trucks to sort the problem.  At no point was there any threat to public health.  Residents will receive compensation for any damage.

Radio 2
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