Belgian COVID-19 hotel tourists return home

A plane carrying 176 Belgian and Dutch tourists from the island of Tenerife touched down at Ostend Airport in West Flanders in the early hours of Friday morning. Many of them had been held in quarantine at the hotel since early last week after a number of Italian tourist that were also staying there had been found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.  

On Thursday the Belgian and Dutch tourists were given permission to return home. Before their departure they were given a final check-up. All of them were shown to be healthy. Among the 176 tourists that returned were 128 Belgian customers of the tour operator TUI, around 100 of whom had been kept in quarantine since early last week.     

TUI’s Sarah Sacin told VRT News that "They were all found to be safe to return home. They won’t have to go into quarantine in Belgium. They have followed our guidelines. Our colleagues also gave them information while they were aboard the plane. Everyone is in good health”.

The holidaymakers are relieved to be home.

"We are happy to be back. It was an emotionally intense experience”, one of them told VRT News. 

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