"Belgium" to replace "Leuven" on Stella Artois beer labels

The authorities in the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven say that they are shocked to learn that the multinational brewer AB InBev is to replace “Leuven” with “Belgium” on the label of its internationally renowned Stella Artois pilsner. The leaven Alderman Johan Geleyns (Christian democrat) told Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that “I hadn’t seen this coming”. 

The city of Leuven and what once up on time was its local pilsner beer Stella Artois have always been associated with each other.  

“We are known for our Stella. This causes pain in my heart as someone from Leuven and I’m not alone, the bar owners in Leuven are also  shocked”.

AB InBev says that the change is part of its international strategy. As part of this the brown bottles that it currently uses for Stella Artois intended for domestic consumption will be replaced with green bottles.   

AB Inbev’s Karolien Cloots told VRT Radio 2 that “Green bottles with Belgium on the label have on sale abroad for some time. We want all our bottles to be visually identical. There is no need to worry. Leuven remains the birthplace of Stella Artois”.   

Leuven City Council will meet with AB InBev to discuss what the consequences of the changes area for Leuven.

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