2020 Stefano Guidi

Number of COVID-19 infections rises to 200

At its daily press conference the Federal Health Department announced that during the past 24 hours a further 31 people have tested positive for COVID-19 infection. This brings the total number of infections in Belgium to 200. 

Meanwhile, the Belgian Foreign Ministry has issued new guidelines for those planning to travel to Italy. The new guidelines have come about as a result of the Italian government’s decision to place 16 provinces in the north of the country in quarantine until at least 3 April.

The Foreign Ministry now advises against all non-essential travel to the 16 Italian provinces that have been placed in quarantine.    

European School Brussels III closed on Monday and Tuesday

In Brussels the European School Brussels III that is situated on the Triomflaan in Elsene will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday after a parent of one of its pupils tested positive for COVID-19. The parent and his children are in quarantine at their home.

However, last Monday the children attended school and came into contact with other pupils and staff. Those in charge of the school are awaiting the results of COVID-19 tests before the school will reopen. In any case it will remain closed on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 March.

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