2020 Stefano Guidi

39 new COVID-19 infections in Belgium

The Federal Health Department has announced that during the past 24 hours a further 39 people have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 22 of the new infections are in Flanders, 7 in the Brussels-Capital region and 10 in Wallonia. The laboratory at Leuven Unity (KUL) that is responsible for processing the novel corona virus tested samples from 334 people on Sunday, 39 of which were positive.   

The Federal Health Department also said at its daily press conference that the virus has also started to spread among Belgians that had not been away on holiday to northern Italy, albeit in a very limited number of cases.     

Although, 39 new infections might seem relatively few, the number may be higher as some people may have waited until after the weekend to get tested by their own GP rather than by a locum doctor. Furthermore the number of tests is being restricted due to a shortage of the materials needed to carry them out. 

NATO employee infected

An employee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is one of the people in Belgium that has tested positive for COVID-19. The man works at NATO HQ in Brussel and had returned from a holiday in northern Italy with flu-like symptoms. He is now in quarantine at his home. The man’s direct colleagues are now all working from home and will continue to do so or the time being.         

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