63% of Flemish Christian democrats say that Federal Government must have a majority in Flanders

The leader of the Flemish Christian Democrats Joachim Coens has reaffirmed his party’s stance that the Flemish nationalist should be given the opportunity to participate in full in the formation of a new federal government. Mr Coens’ words came hours before Patrick Dewael (Flemish liberal) and Sabine Laruelle (Francophone liberal) meet with the King to give him a progress report on their efforts to get federal coalition negotiations on track.      

In a survey of Flemish Christian Democrat Party members 63% said that a Flemish majority is an absolute prerequisite to forming a new Federal Government. However, questions have been raised about the validity of  the poll. 7,100 people voted on Saturday and 2,900 on Sunday. The poll was halted on Monday morning to prevent any manipulation. Despite these doubts Mr Coens is convince of the polls validity.      

Mr Coens told journalists that "It is our duty to take into account issues of content and the goal of aiming for a Flemish majority”.  

He added that his party would always accept invitations to talk but “We would find it incomprehensible if all democratic parties were not given the chance to participate to the full in the formation of a government”. A little later Mr Coens elaborated by saying that he meant the Flemish nationalists.  

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