“This isn’t a serious way of doing things”

King Filip has extended the task entrusted to the two politicians asked to pave the way for the formation of a new federal government.  The king has given parliamentary speakers Patrick Dewael (Flemish liberal) and Sabine Laruelle (Francophone liberal) time until 16 March until to present a new report.

It’s unclear how much headway, if any, the speakers have made since their appointment last month.  Mr Dewael and Ms Laruelle will now also have to take into account the decision of the Flemish Christian democrat party that any new government must possess a majority among Flemish MPs.  This virtually means that the Flemish nationalist N-VA will have to be included. However, the Francophone socialist party, the biggest in Francophonia, is refusing to work with the N-VA, Belgium’s biggest party.

The king’s statement notes: “The new government will address the urgent problems with priority”.

Walloon PM Elio Di Rupo (Francophone socialist) wants the speakers to be allowed to do their work, while with regard to the lack of progress Flemish green leader Meyrem Almaci (below) says: “This isn’t a serious way of doing things.  I appeal to the serious side of the political class.  Everybody acknowledges that there are no easy solutions, but in the importance of the health of our citizens, our economy and climate, this is a serious situation.”   

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