Honest finder hands 10,000 euro in cash into the police

In a story that goes a good way to restoring one’s faith in human nature, a man in the town of Turnhout (Antwerp province) handed 10,000 euro that he had found in the streets in to the police. The owner the large sum of cash has since been identified.   


The money was found in Gasthuisstraat a busy shopping street in the centre of Turnhout. A man found the money and informed the police. A little later another man went into the police station to report having lost 10,000 euro.

The Chief Commissioner of the Turnhout Local Police Service Roger Leys told VRT News that "It sometimes happens that people report lost keys, a lost mobile phone or a lost bike.

Sometimes these things are found and the finder tells the police. We then check for a match. But what if the owner of the cash/goods found doesn't turn up to claim them?

"In the first instance the police looks for the owner. If we can’t find him the item is handed over to the municipal authority. The municipal authority has to hang onto it for a certain time before it becomes its legal owner”, Chief Commissioner Leys added.  

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