Prince Gabriël and other pupils of International School of Brussels to stay at home for next two weeks

The oldest son of King Filip and Queen Mathilde, Prince Gabriël, is among over 1,500 pupils of the International School of Brussels (ISB) that will not be able to go to school for the next two weeks. The school that is located in the municipality of Watermaal-Bosvoorde will remain closed until 24 March after the family of a pupil there informed the school that a family member had been confirmed as having the virus.  

On its website the school writes “We have been informed by an ISB family that they have been registered by the Belgian authorities as having the virus. It appears that this was locally transmitted in Brussels, not caused by recent travel to other countries”.

“As we can no longer rule out the possibility of exposure on campus, we have therefore decided to move to Level 4 (high risk) in our Crisis Management Matrix".

“We have not taken this decision lightly, but we do believe it is the safe thing to do and in the best interests of the wellbeing of our entire community. We have worked together to prepare for this possibility and will continue to dedicate all of the school’s resources to ensuring that our students' learning will continue as far as is possible”.

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