34 nursing home residents show symptoms of the coronavirus; 85 new cases today

34 residents in a Brussels care home in Watermaal-Bosvoorde are showing symptoms of Covid-19. However, contrary to earlier reports, only two have actually tested positive for the coronavirus so far. 11 have been taken to hospital. The number of positive cases in Belgium sees an increase of 85 today. 

It was the Brussels Health Minister Alain Maron who had announced 34 corona cases in the care home this morning, but Sven Heynderickx of Iriscare, the Brussels organisation for the care sector, corrected this later on. He said there were 34 "suspicious cases", and that so far just two people actually tested positive. These two, together woth nine others, were taken to hospital. 

The nursing home "Terkameren" has some 300 beds, making it one of the biggest in Brussels. It has been put in quarantine.  "People above 80 years of age are particularly vulnerable. This will have a lot of impact, not only for the people taken to hospital, but also for those staying in the home. Movement will be restricted", explains the VRT's science journalist Katty Allaert. 

No further details have been given about the eleven nursing home residents which have been taken to hospital. 

Hike in the number of positive cases

The total number of cases in Belgium has now climbed to 399 after the 85 new cases announced today. Yesterday, the increase was still at 47. 


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