Missing person case turns out to be murder: human remains found in the water

A woman of 67 from Ostend, who had gone missing on Monday, died a violent death, the West Flemish judicial authorities confirm. A man of 38 was apprehended. He confessed that he killed the victim, dumping her body parts in the water afterwards. 

The case started when the woman went missing.  It was soon labelled as serious, and detectives targeted a man living in the same apartment building in the Voorhavenlaan in Ostend. They reportedly found traces of blood in the flat of the 38-year-old man, who was taken in for questioning. 

The judicial authorities confirmed that the woman died a violent death. The man had confessed the murder and admitted that he dumped the body parts in the water. It remains unclear what his motive was. This morning, a search was held in the Spuikom, a water basin near Ostend close to the apartment building, and human remains were found. 

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