Number of road deaths in Belgium on the rise again, after 3 years of decline

Last year, 620 people died on Belgian roads. The number is 36 up on the year. The previous three years had seen a drop, but this positive trend has now been reversed. 

The figures were published by the road safety institute VIAS and are somewhat particular. The first six months of 2019 had 67 more road deaths on the year, while the second half of the year had 31 less.  The rise is also different for each region: Wallonia had 31 more, while Flanders only had 7 more.  The Brussels Region even had a slight drop.

The rise applies to car drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike. 88 pedestrians died in traffic, compared to 91 cyclists, a new all-time high for the latter category. 

Apart from road deaths, there were 37,375 road accidents in which people got injured. This number is 2 percent down on the year.  

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