All Flemish nursing homes to close their doors until 20 April

The Flemish Welfare minister Wouter Beke (CD&V) has announced that all visits to nursing homes will be suspended until the end of the Easter holidays in an attempt to stop the corona virus. 

All visitors will be banned from nursing homes and old people's rest homes as from today. The measure was announced late yesterday by Wouter Beke (Christian democrat), in an attempt to stop the further spreading of Covid-19. The measure will run to the end of the Easter holidays (Monday 20 April), Beke told reporters after a meeting with the sector.  

Only staff, volunteers performing essential daily tasks and registered private caretakers will have access. Private visitors such as family members or friends will be banned. "The message should be clear: stay away from vulnerable people such as older and weaker persons, unless there are no alternatives. This message applies not only to old people's homes, but to society in general. It's the duty of us all to prevent that vulnerable groups get contaminated", Beke said. 

Earlier, Wallonia and Brussels had taken similar measures. 

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