Sex workers have fewer clients because of the coronavirus outbreak

Prostitutes and other sex workers are feeling the consequences of the corona outbreak directly. Violett, an organisation offering social and medical help to those offering sexual services, said that they are "receiving a lot of questions about health risks, both from the workers and from clients. "

Wendy Gabriëls confirmed the news at the VRT's regional radio station Radio 2 in Antwerp. "Many sex workers are reporting that the corona issue has a clear impact on the number of clients. We also receive more questions about health risks, both from the prostitutes and their clients. Of course there should be intimacy, that's the essence of sexual services and this can hardly be avoided. However, we do advise against kissing. And sex workers who are not feeling 100 percent, had better stay at home." 

Gabriëls adds that missing out on income has a big impact on sex workers, since they lack an official status. "If you can't work, there is no plan B. However, their costs just continue."  

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