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“Play-time is over” says Flemish lung expert

Several medical experts have voiced concern at the lack of urgency shown by many people with regard to the government’s stringent measures to combat the coronavirus emergency.  Lung doctor Ingel Demedts has taken to social media to express his disquiet.


“Based on scientific advice the government has taken drastic action to stem the pandemic.  Sadly, I notice that a number of people haven’t yet realised the serious nature of the situation.”

Dr Demedts points to Friday’s “lock-down parties”, when people gathered to party until pubs and clubs closed for three weeks at midnight.

“This was incomprehensible and shameful.”

“We must tell young people that this isn’t an ordinary holiday.  It’s not a good idea to bring the whole class together at somebody’s home for a party or to carry on sports activities as a group.”

The lung expert stresses that stringent measures are needed to protect the most vulnerable and give the health care system oxygen to deal with corona patients.

“If the virus spreads further, large groups of nurses and doctors too will be off work and few will remain to treat all ill. This is a scenario we should take account of.  The situation in Italy illustrates what can happen.”

Dr Demedts calls for the government’s measures to be followed closely and for this message to be passed on.

“The coming hours will be crucial.  Only with an attitude of solidarity can the tide be turned.  Playtime is over.”

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