Last night's “lock-down parties” trigger indignation

Belgium’s National Crisis Centre and two government ministers including Flemish PM Jambon have expressed annoyance at the “lock-down parties” that were staged last night before Belgium closed its bars and clubs at midnight on Friday.

Belgian interior minister De Crem said: “I would like to appeal to those who took part in the last mass gatherings in bars and discos last night.  Keep others at a distance and take hygienic measures like regular handwashing”.

A spokesman for the National Crisis Centre voiced regret at the fact that bars and cafés felt it necessary to organise special parties: “This is exactly what we didn’t want to see.  It will have a negative impact on the epidemic and the intense daily work of our doctors and nurses that is becoming harder by the day.  We would like to urgently request that this type of social event is no longer held.”

Hoarding too has become an issue.  Interfederal coronavirus expert Steven Van Gucht (pictured left): “It’s not at all necessary.  We want to avoid long queues in supermarkets.  People gathering at close quarters isn’t responsible behaviour.  We must take action to protect the vulnerable in society, who are not resistant against this virus.  We are calling on everybody in this country to show co-operation, common sense and solidarity in this way the measures will have the greatest impact and the corona emergency will be sorted ASAP.”

The Crisis Centre notes that there is enough food in warehouses and that it’s absolutely unnecessary to hoard food and other products.

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