Emergency ‘corona’ government looks dead in the water

The leader of the Francophone socialist party PS, Paul Magnette, has inflicted a devastating blow to all those who had hoped that the coronavirus virus emergency would be pressing enough to knock political leaders’ heads together and result in PS and the Flemish nationalist N-VA doing a deal to form an emergency government.

Mr Magnette told Francophone public radio that devolved governments and the federal caretaker administration are functioning well enough to tackle the health crisis.  The PS leader also indicated his party would provide votes in the federal parliament to allow the caretaker administration to release extra funding to deal with the emergency: “The PS will approve all measures that can help health care.”

Earlier the leader of the Francophone greens expressed similar sentiments.

Georges-Louis Bouchez of the Francophone liberals insists a new, emergency government isn’t needed.

PS leader Magnette has also accused N-VA leader Bart De Wever of “total cynicism” because of his ambition of becoming PM. Mr De Wever launched the idea of a one-year emergency  government on Saturday.  Talks between six parties were held on Saturday evening, but broke up without agreement.

The Flemish nationalists are not amused by the stand of Francophone parties.  Flemish PM Jan Jambon (N-VA) told VRT News this morning that he didn’t have words to describe the “irresponsible behaviour” of the PS.

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