Mouth masks for GPs and health workers fail to materialise

The former Flemish health minister Inge Vervotte has spoken of persistent rumours that an extra order for mouth masks for health care works won’t be met.  The leading Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst has meanwhile confirmed that it’s not certain the extra order will be delivered.

Belgium recently ordered an extra 5 million mouth masks.  Many of the mouth masks are intended for family doctors.  Hospitals too are supposed to be supplied.

Inge Vervotte says that it would be a tragedy if this material can’t be supplied in time: “Without these mouth masks we are endangering health workers.”

“The authorities should tell us the truth and urgently look for alternatives”.

Ms Vervotte, who now works for a health care network, says that in her care centres mothers are sewing masks.  Measures are also taken to give masks a longer life span.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst confirms that Belgium possessed supplies eleven years ago, but that this stock hasn’t been replenished.

Health minister De Block speaks of a difficult international situation.  Masks that were supposed to be delivered by midnight haven’t arrived and other paths are now being explored.

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