After just 1 day 2,800 volunteers have already registered to help the elderly and vulnerable.

2,800 people that have set up initiatives to help their neighbour, elderly people in their neighbourhood or other vulnerable groups have signed up for free insurance offered by the Flemish authorities to those volunteering to help others during the COVID-19 crisis.


The figures come from the office of the Flemish Social Cohesion Minister Bart Somers (liberal).

The Flemish Government decided to extend to insurance policy that was previously only available to cover those doing voluntary work for socio-cultural and other association to also cover individuals that volunteer to help others during the COVID-19 crisis, for example by offering to go shopping for an elderly neighbour or looking after a neighbour’s children or taking their dog for a walk.

The insurance covers physical accidents, civil responsibility and legal aid. Anyone wishing to register to get insurance can on the website. You will then be sent confirmation. The insurance covers the period between Sunday 8 March and 8pm on Friday 3 April. The Flemish Government will pay the 35 eurocent/volunteer/day that the insurance costs.

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