João Burini

Latest figures: “14 Belgians have recovered from COVID-19”

A further 185 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Belgium over the past 24 hours.  79 people are being treated in intensive care units. The figures come from the Belgian health ministry and the national crisis centre.

In all 1,243 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but due to limited testing the real number of cases is thought to be higher. 

Of the 185 new cases 106 are known to be in Flanders, 38 in Brussels and 33 in Wallonia.

361 people are hospitalised in total as a result of teh COVID-19 outbreak. The figure is up 109 on the day.

Of the 79 patients in intensive care 51 are on ventilators.  Virologist Steven Van Gucht notes that a large number of those infected are aged between 40 and 49.

14 people have now been declared “recovered from the illness” by their doctors.  10 people are dead.

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