Courts only to deal with urgent cases

The Colleges of Courts and Tribunals has decided that for the duration of the current COVID-19 crisis only urgent cases will be heard in the country’s courts. In a press statement released on Tuesday morning the organisation writes “Inter-personal contact needs to be avoid as much as possible”.


New case won’t commerce until 19 April and ongoing cases with the exception of those deemed to be urgent are also adjourned until the Sunday after Easter.

Those involved in the legal process are also advised to use computers to write down and forward on their conclusions and pieces that are relevant to cases. This will enable as much as possible to be dealt with in written form, thus reducing the need for face to face contact. 

The transportation of remand prisoners to and from court will be avoided wherever possible. Barristers will be able to represent their clients at any court hearings that do take place during the next five and a half weeks. 

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