Federal Ministers swear oath in front of the King

The Ministers in the minority Federal Government have sworn their oaths to Belgium’s Head of State King Filip. They did so in a ceremony that took place at the Royal Palace in Brussels at around 11am on Tuesday morning.


For the first time in 15 months Belgium has a Federal Government with full powers. The Ministers that make up Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès’ cabinet are the same as those that had ministerial posts in the caretaker government led by the Francophone liberal politician.

Although the Federal Government is made up of a coalition of the Francophone and Flemish liberals and Flemish Christian democrats, three parties that together fall well short of a majority of MPs in the Federal Parliament, an agreement reached on Sunday evening means that the Federal Government will enjoy the support of most opposition parties in the measures that it will take to tackle the public health and economic issues that arise as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

On Tuesday afternoon Prime Minister Wilmès will outline her new government’s plans in a policy statement in the Federal Parliament. The new Federal Government is a temporary government and the current arrangement is expected to continue until no later than September. On the official photograph (above) of the Federal Cabinet, ministers respected the guidelines on social distancing. 

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