Royal Antwerp FC

Youth team players given special ball to help them keep in top form

As with other social and sporting activities the training sessions for the youth teams of Belgium’s oldest football club Royal Antwerp FC have been suspended until 3 April. This means that the club’s young footballers will be without the coaching they need to develop their soccer skills for a full three weeks. In order to address this the club has come up with a solution that it hopes will help its youngsters maintain and develop their ball skills and keep them in trim for as long as they are unable to train. 

As well as the special ball onto which a rope with a handle is attached the youngsters are being given access to a database that contains a total of 20,000 different exercise they can perform on their own with the ball.

“The ball comes will at database containing 20,000 exercises on video. They can copy these and practice them”, Royal Antwerp FC’s Sven Jacques told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp.

Mr Jacques added that “It is important that our players stay healthy. In this way they stay at home, work on their fitness and are working with a ball”. ”

The club has also organised a collection of mouth masks that it intends to donate to hospital.


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