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Consignment of 5 million protective mouth masks arrives

A consignment of 5 million mouth masks arrived at Liège-Bierset Airport on Thursday night. The masks were taken to the Peutie military base in Flemish Brabant where they were be repacked for distribution to Belgium’s 10 provinces and the Brussels-Capital Region. The distribution process got under way from around 5am on Friday morning. 

Earlier on Thursday evening another shipment of 100,000 masks that had been originally destined for Italy arrived at Liège-Bierset Airport. Italy had already received a shipment from another supplier and no longer required the masks.

Margot Cloet of the Icuro care network told VRT News that “this is really great news. I hope that the masks can be distributed to the hospitals quickly because the situation was becoming acute”.  

Ms Cloet went on to stress that it is also important that the masks that have been ordered by the Flemish Government are delivered quickly. The five million masks that arrived on Thursday night had been ordered by the Federal Government and are destined for use in hospitals.

"However, in care homes too shortages are becoming acute. In some places they only have enough stock for a few days”.

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