Crisis Centre asks us to help those that don’t understand our language(s)

As well as providing a synopsis of the latest figures relating to the novel coronavirus epidemic, the National Crisis Centre used its daily press conference on Friday to appeal to people in Belgium to help neighbours and people they might know that are, for whatever reason, unable to speak or understand one of our country's official languages. 

The language barrier for some and a lack of access to the internet for others means that a portion of the population remains pretty much in the dark about the measures that have been taken by the authorities in order to curb the further spread of the novel coronavirus.  

The National Crisis Centre’s Yves Stevens said “Go and speak to people that don’t have access to the internet or speak a different language for example”. Mr Stevens stressed that while doing so the guidelines on hand hygiene and social distancing need to be followed.

“Explain to them again what the measures entail. Only then will we succeed in beating the coronavirus”, Mr Stevens added.

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