4,000 Belgians to be able to return from the Cannery Islands next week

Belgian holiday-makers that are stuck on the Cannery Islands due the COVID-19 crisis will be able to return home from Monday. Some 4,000 text messages are being sent to of the affected holiday-makers via the Travellers Online notification system. The news that the Belgians will be able to return home comes from the Foreign Affairs Department Spokesman Karl Lagatie. 

The Belgian authorities have chartered a number of flights from the Cannery Islands that will fly Belgian home between Monday and Thursday of next week. The 4,000 people that have received a text will be able to sign up for one of the repatriation flights.

However, not all the Belgians that are signed up to Travellers Online want or indeed have to return home. Mr Lagatie told journalists that there are a number of people that live in Tenerife for a prolonged periods or even full-time and had signed up to Travellers Online just to be sure.  

The Belgian consular services on the Cannery Islands will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Those wishing to take a repatriation flight will be required to pay 250 euro.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Department is trying to find a solution for Belgian holiday-makers stranded in Senegal. 

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