Brussels public transport company reduced weekend services by 50%

Should you which to venture out to make an essential journey to, for example, a supermarket in the Brussels-Capital Region you many well have to wait longer that you might have expected for your bus, tram or metro. 

With passenger numbers having plummeted since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the Brussels public transport company MIVB has decided to cut its services by half during the weekends. The measure will be felt across all 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels-Capital Region.

MIVB has also restated its earlier request to passengers to keep their distance from each other. With many people either working from home or having been laid off, universities closed and schools having stopped lessons there are also far fewer passengers on weekdays too. In the evenings with all cultural and sporting activities having been put on hold and bars and restaurants closed near-empty busses and trams have become a common sight on the capital’s streets.

From Monday MIVB will introduce a special timetable that will be will take into account times when there are relatively many passengers. Plenty of vehicles will be laid on at these times to try and ensure social distancing. Bus and tram routes that serve hospitals and other organisations offering care will be prioritised.

A number of routes deemed to be “non-essential” could be suspended for the duration of the crisis. 

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